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About Great Zorino -The Full Story

Question that is often asked of any magician is "How did it all begin?" Well, it's no different when it comes to Pieter Venter “Alias The Great Zorino. The answer however may be quite different. Pieter remembers the day he decided to become a magician as clear as yesterday.

Pieter was 8 years old when he first attended a magic show with his mother. That afternoon as the great Zaraffi magician on stage worked his magic, Pieter was also starting the dream of being a magician in his's mind. After the show he told his mother that he now knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up-a magician. Pieter's mother was very supportive of his dream, and helped young Pieter to acquire the necessary tools of the trade,  He also joined a Mini Circus where learned a lot about magic and fire eating.

The Great Zorino is a popular wonder worker who performs magic all over South Africa at private parties, corporate events, picnics, conventions and trade shows.

The Great Zorino, as his audiences know him, presents an entertaining combination of comedy magic, musical routines and sleight of hand in his stand-up and stage shows, and performs excellent strolling/close-up magic.


He has worked as a part-time magician for the past 30 years is now full time  magician for 8 years  

Whether it's a large audience or an intimate gathering, The Great Zorino can conjure his brand of magic almost anywhere: the formal theatre stage, or a restaurant,living rooms, picnic areas or conference room. Regardless of the venue The Great Zorino will make your next event a memorable and magical experience with his friendly manner , outrageous comedy and musical routine.

The Great Zorino is a popular and successful magician in the Cape Town Metropolitan Area specializing in children’s parties and fund raising events at schools. He he entertains children and  adults with magic.  The Great Zorino is available for children's parties, adult parties

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