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From weddings and corporate events, to private parties and trade shows, the great Zorino will provide the best magic ever witnessed!

Kiddies Parties

Are you planning in house a birthday party for your son or daughter or yourself or your partner? Are you looking for an affordable magician and ventriloquist to entertain your child or yourself or your partner and friends? Look no further – the magic of The Great Zorino is the perfect solution to your party entertainment needs. The Great Zorino specialises in children’s (the children become Magicians and let rabbits, doves and genea pigs appear and disappear) and adults magic for the 5-60 year old age groups and has numerous parties and performances under his belt. Brace yourself for a journey of Magic and Fantasy and Ventriloquism as "The Great Zorino" brings joy, laughter and excitement. From doves and rabbits appearing and disappearing, from nowhere, "The Great Zorino will have your kids and adult friends enjoying every moment. Just watching the smiles and tears of laughter on every ones faces it will be satisfaction enough that you made the right choice by hiring this amazing magician and ventriloquist. Call him or send him a messages for bookings Hire the Great Zorino for 





Your wedding day is not only the most magical day of your life, but also a memorable day where your friends and family are joined together to celebrate your new marriage to your partner. With the average wedding starting around midday and ending at midnight, it is important to insure your guests stay entertained throughout the day.

Hiring a wedding magician is a great way of filling the empty gaps in between the key aspects of the day. Whether it is during photos, the wedding breakfast of as the evening guests arrive, a magician can offer sustained entertainment throughout the day. Tom doesn’t just do an hour set, he can stay for up to 3 hours and perform at various points throughout the day to not only ensure everyone gets to see him but also that there are no empty gaps and your special day runs smoothly.




Adult Private Parties

The Great Zorino is an expert at close-up magic and sleight of hand. Ultimately, The Great Zorino is most effective at entertaining guests in a mix and mingle environment where he can stroll around the venue and entertain your guests with a touch of mystery and spontaneity. If you are having an event with a sit down meal, The Great Zorino is fantastic at performing as a table magician. This allows him to perform longer, more in depth routines that will leave your guests in shock and awe, there are not many magicians that can offer such diversity when performing, gained from years of experience as a professional Magic Circle magician.






Corporate Events

Holding a corporate function, conference or dinner with over 150 guests and need entertainment for the night that can cope? The Great Zorino can perform for up to 1 hour, amazing over 300 guests at a time, right from their seats.



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